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This is the home for the bug trackers and mailing lists of the tcllib standardized Tcl library. This is a set of pure-Tcl extensions that you can use to become even more productive with Tcl. See also the Tcl Foundry that collects information about many Tcl-related SourceForge projects.

tcllib project resources at SourceForge and elsewhere:

In addition to tcllib, this project also houses other projects, all of which are pure Tcl coding projects. Their sources can all be found in the Repositories at

  • tklib: A library of all-Tcl routines for Tk
  • tclapps: A set of little apps for Tcl or Tk, to be used as examples, or just for fun
  • tclbench: A benchmarking suite for Tcl and Tk
  • bwidget: A suite of megawidgets for Tk (documentation)
  • mclistbox: A multi-column listbox for Tk (documentation)
  • widget: An older suite of megawidgets for Tk

Tcl Developer Xchange

This is the primary site for Tcl users. There is lots of information here, and this is the primary site to get all the Tcl/Tk releases.

A lot of Tcl discussion also occurs on the news:comp.lang.tcl newsgroup. If you do not have newsgroup access, this newsgroup can be accessed via the news server, or via the Etin or Google Groups web servers.

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